Motorcycle Insurance

Motorcycle Insurance

Why ride a bike? Well if you have to ask maybe you’re not ready, or maybe you just don’t have the passion. After all that is what riders say- that they are passionate about riding. And of course there are some who say it’s practical. There is nothing quite like riding a bike, just you, the road and the sound, oh that sound. While this is all fun stuff, you’ll want some piece of mind to, so be sure to get good Motorcycle Insurance.

Motorcycle insurance like automobile insurance, protects both you and your motorcycle. And just like automobile insurance there are a number of factors that you need to consider when building your insurance policy. A Cantiani Insurance Agent can help you through the process.

Some key points to consider when choosing Motorcycle Insurance

How are rates set?

  • Rates are calculated by your age.
  • Your driving history, speeding ticket etc.
  • Type and style of Motorcycle, touring, street bike or off the road.
  • Where you live.
  • How often do you ride- just the summer or all year long.
  • Do you ride with a passenger? Most policies need you to specify if you carry passengers.
  • Do you ride off road or on the street?

Some things to consider to help you reduce your insurance rate.

For one you might want to take a motorcycle driving safety course, this can help reduce your rate.

You should consider adding uninsured and underinsured motorist protection. Your Cantiani Insurance agent will highly recommend this coverage- ask him or her why.

Let us know if we insure your automobile as this may have a positive effect on your insurance cost.

Some Insurance terms you need to know as it will affect your out of pocket expense.

  • First off is Comprehensive and collision coverage for motorcycles. This coverage will help you repair or replace a damaged or stolen bike.
  • The second would be Liability Insurance would cover you in the event of a at-fault accident. That coverage would include Bodily injury and property damage.

For more information contact an agent at  Cantiani Insurance Agency at 318 Plantation Street, Worcester, MA 01604. Phone: 508-791-2088 we’ll be glad to help! Or fill out the contact form below.


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