Boiler and Machinery Insurance

Boiler and Machinery Insurance

Boiler and Machinery Insurance is specialized coverage

Boiler and Machinery Insurance provides coverage for physical damage to and loss of use of equipment resulting in a  breakdown It also covers you for financial loss while the equipment has been inoperative. Boiler and Machinery Insurance Often referred to as equipment breakdown insurance, covers; the cost of repairing or replacing the broken down or damaged equipment, and losses incurred due to the equipment not working.

Boiler and Machinery Insurance is specialty insurance, it makes no sense purchasing this type of insurance if your business doesn't have machinery that is used to manufacture products, and runs on a continuing basis.

The name can be a little confusing, Boiler and Machinery Insurance while covering all of the above can also cover modern pieces of equipment, like computers, copiers, telephone equipment and telephones, just to name a few.

While you might be thinking, what would cause my computer to breakdown well for one it could be caused by an electrical surge, resulting from a lightning storm. This is the kind of insurance that is more specialized coverage than what you would find in a property insurance policy. If you have ovens, boilers, office equipment, furnaces, HVAC systems, refrigeration units or even elevators you should have a Boiler and Machinery Insurance policy.

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