Professional Liability Insurance

Professional Liability Insurance

Why should You have Professional Liability Insurance?

Professional Liability Insurance covers a broad spectrum of coverage’s. One type of coverage is Medical Malpractice insurance, for medical professionals such as doctors, physicians, chiropractors and dentists cover their medical insurance should a claim arise.

Another  name for Professional Liability Insurance is Errors and Omissions, or what is referred to as E&O insurance, this covers professionals in the event of errors or omission with their work

Consider this, if you’re performing work that is rather complex, so much so that your clients may have a difficult understanding what it is, or how it’s performed. Professional Liability Insurance should be considered if you’re in the IT or Technology consulting business, software developers, any technically trained certified profession and as described above professional medical services. This type of insurance covers you in the event you fail to perform your professional services to the satisfaction of your client, which then results in a law suit. Remember, even if you haven’t made an error- you can still be sued.

This isn’t a one-size-fits all type of insurance. A marketing consultant would not benefit from a medical malpractice policy, Architects & Engineers Liability or a Directors & Officers Insurance policy. But here at Cantiani Insurance we know this, and we know small business insurance.

What amount of coverage do we offer?

Our professional agents can advise you as to the amount of Professional Liability Insurance you really need. Limits start at $250,000 and go up to $2,000,000 million.

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