Personal Insurance

Personal Insurance

Homeowners – Property Coverage

Basic Coverage’s Available

A single family home is covered by what the industry calls homeowners insurance. There are different insurance packages available to protect your home and belongings. You should discuss this with your Cantiani Insurance Agent for the type of policy that is right for you.

It is important to know what is covered in your policy. Policies can protect against specific number of risks, (occurrences that cause property damage), fire flood, theft or wind damage to name a few. Some policies my exclude coverage for certain hazards or event, including floods, earthquakes, or damage related to poorly maintained property.

Some risks can be covered by adding a schedule endorsement (or rider) be sure to discuss this with your Cantiani Insurance Agent.

*Depending on where you live you might be able to purchase flood insurance through the National Flood Insurance Program. Your Agent can help you with application forms for flood coverage if your home is located in a flood zone.

Your home is an asset that you should protect. Owning a home or condominium is a big investment, so you’ll want to protect it. Here at Cantiani Insurance Agency in Worcester, Massachusetts  we can draft a policy to fit your exact needs.

It’s important to know your homes value. Properly covering your home, condominium or apartment for that matter is very important. We do the research and determine what your homes reconstruction cost wold be so that your getting the right amount of insurance coverage. Unlike market value or assessed value knowing the replacement cost is critical.

You’ll want to insure for 100 % of the replacement cost to rebuild your home in the event of a claim. As a rule most insurance, mortgage companies and banks require this coverage.

Your home is where you store valuable assets. Beyond the structure, bricks and mortar, your home is where you store your clothing, furniture, digital devices etc. Insurance can help cover the repair or replacement of these items should they become damaged or lost.

Personal insurance

Since there are several endorsements and coverage options available we’ll review them and tailor a policy that assures you’re properly covered.

Renters and Condo Insurance

Dwelling coverage, or “dwelling insurance,” is the part of your homeowner’s insurance policy. Should a claim arise Dwelling coverage helps to pay for the rebuilding or the repair of the physical structure of your home if it’s damaged by a covered hazard. As a norm losses be adjusted at replacement cost, up to policy limits. Renters insurance typically has no coverage, but may for improvements. Condominium Unit Owners Insurance can cover the portion of the building that your responsible to insure. When insuring with Cantiani Insurance our agents will review your condominium’s bylaws and insurance documentation to help you decide on the amount of insurance that you will need.

PROPERTY Coverage  – Other Structures

Normally there is a limit of 10% to 20% of dwelling coverage, for structures on your property.  These are structures are unattached building or properties such as barns, garages, fences, sheds and flag poles etc.

You should check with your insurance agent to make sure the amount of coverage on your dwelling, as well as on your other structures, is appropriate to cover a potential loss.

Coverage  – Personal Property

Personal property is content that is in your home, owned by yourself or your a family member who is living with you. This insurance covers personal property, there are limits as to the particular item covered typically it is based on a percentage. (e.g., 50%) of Dwelling Coverage. Examples of personal property maybe coins, banknotes, furs, silverware, stamps, money, jewelry, watches guns etc.).

You can add additional insurance for personal property that you feel requires more coverage. Check with your agent and he or she can add an endorsement (or rider) in the form of a personal property “schedule” if appropriate for certain valuable personal property.

Loss of Use / Additional Living Expenses

Should your property be damaged by a covered loss that prevents you from living in your home, policies can pay the expenses of alternate living arrangements ( e.g., restaurant and hotel costs) for a specified amount of time. This “Loss of Use”  is compensation available to you until your return home.
Additional living expense varies from policy to policy but it typically is set at 20% of the dwelling coverage limit. You should discuss this coverage with your agent.

Personal Liability Insurance

Personal liability coverage  protects you against a claim or lawsuit as a result of property damage or bodily injury caused to others by you or a family’s alleged carelessness or negligence (non-auto and non business). This coverage pays for the typical expenses which include: the amount the insurer pays to defend or investigate the claim or lawsuit; court costs, attorneys’ fees, police report costs, court costs or other costs assessed against you;

Personal property liability is usually $100,000 however you can purchase coverage up to $500,000. You can also purchase a personal liability umbrella policy if you think you need more than $500,000 in liability coverage. You should discuss this with your agent to determine if additional coverage is needed.

Medical Payments

Medical payment coverage pays for any medical expenses incurred by persons who are accidentally injured on your property. This coverage does not include people who live with you and is non-automobile-related accident, regardless who is at fault. Typically medical payment coverage is set at 1,000, you should discuss this with your Cantiani Insurance Agent and determine if a higher limit is needed.

Recreational Vehicle Insurance

Why a motor-home? It’s like bringing your living room to the great outdoors, far more creature comfort than just camping. Just think of all the great national parks you can visit!

See a Cantiani Insurance Agent if your considering a Motor Home Insurance Policy.

Motorcycle Insurance

Why a motorcycle?  As they say, with a motorcycle your in the scene, part of it all it… completely immersed.  

See a Cantiani Insurance Agent if your considering a motorcycle insurance policy.

Boats and Yacht Insurance

Much like a motorcycle and the motor-home your off to explore on your own with family and friends. And if your lucky enough to afford a yacht well than enjoy!!

See a Cantiani Insurance Agent if your considering a boat and yacht insurance policyIn addition to boat and yacht insurance we insure  -Jet Skis  and Snowmobile Insurance.

Flood Insurance

On days like this we all wonder, “or wish” we had flood insurance. If your in a low lying area or close to water you should strongly consider this coverage.

See a Cantiani Insurance Agent if your considering a Flood Insurance policy.

Massachusetts Automobile Insurance

Insurance coverage, like automobile insurance can get a little complicated,  Massachusetts car insurance requires residents to have some mandatory coverages. A Cantiani Insurance agent can help you through the process.

See a Cantiani Insurance Agent if your considering a Massachusetts Automobile Insurance

Additional Coverage’s

Umbrella Liability

Landlord Insurance

Liquor Liability Insurance

Valuable Articles – Scheduled Property

If your have high value contents like jewelry, art collections, silver or china collection, that you have been maintaining and adding to for years, you cannot rely on the typical homeowners policy to protect these items.

People assume that their valuables will be covered under the contents limit on their homeowners policy.  Do not make this assumption: homeowners policy have sub limits on valuable items, making it unlikely that these items will be replaced for their full value.  In order to better protect these valuables have them placed under a valuable articles policy or as an endorsement on the homeowners policy.

This policy/endorsement is what is typically used to schedule your valuable items usually at an appraised value that is agreed upon by the insurance company. 

Event Planning – Wedding Insurance

Wedding, family reunion, company picnic or whatever, we have a policy for you.  A single  policy can not only cover your wedding event, it can include insurance coverage for the rehearsal, rehearsal dinner, ceremony and reception.

Typical coverage includes liability for bodily injury, property damage and host liquor liability.

These policies can also include cancellation and postponement insurance.

There are more options available which can include gifts, jewelry, rented items/property, photographs, special attire, loss of deposits etc.

Policies are quite reasonable. Many venues will require you to provide a certificate of liability insurance for your event.  Call us to discuss your event.

See a Cantiani Insurance Agent if your considering a Event Planning – Wedding Insurance Coverage.

For more information contact an agent at  Cantiani Insurance Agency at 318 Plantation Street, Worcester, MA 0164. Phone: 508-791-2088 we’ll be glad to help! Or fill out the contact form below.